About The Handbook


The comprehensive how-to, why-to guide to running international field research projects. The Handbook is for anyone that needs to understand users, customers, people across markets, geographies and cultures.

The Handbook reveals how to:

  • Build and lead trusted multicultural teams, anywhere in the world. 
  • Run a field study from pitch to deliverable, initial hypothesis to becoming organisational wisdom.
  • Learn how to read contexts, identify patterns of behaviour, decode cultures, and generate insights that inform and inspire product, brand, strategy, policy, and communications.
  • Pinpoint the difference between local, regional, and globally relevant solutions.
  • Challenge minds, flutter hearts, and make a difference.

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About the author

Jan is a designer, writer, photographer, and award-winning researcher.

He is the founder of Studio D Radiodurans, a research, design, and strategy consultancy specialising in clients with a global outlook. Over the course of his career, he has advised numerous Fortune 500 companies, governments, and global organisations. His pioneering research has influenced the design of products and services bought and used by hundreds of millions of people.

His first book Hidden in Plain Sight, was published by Harper Collins in English, with Japanese, Chinese and Russian editions, and became a best seller in South Korea of all places. The Handbook is his third authored book.

Jan has lectured at Stanford, MIT, Birkbeck, Tokyo University, National Institute of Design, Tehran University and many of the world’s preeminent educational establishments (and a few high schools too). His pioneering research and designs are widely covered in the media, including the New York Times, The Economist, Die Zeit, Nikkei, The Telegraph and The Guardian. He is a frequent speaker at events ranging from governmental and C-level through to TED and WEF. 

Includes 51 technical illustrations from Lee John Phillips.