Everything you need to run exemplary international field work projects.

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A To Z of Field Research


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Field Equipment

 SDR Traveller
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Hidden In Plain Sight

Future-focused and provocative, Hidden in Plain Sight: How to Create Extraordinary Products for Tomorrow's Customers illuminates exactly what drives consumers to make the choices they do, and demonstrates how all types of businesses can learn to see—and capitalise upon—what is hidden in plain sight today to create businesses tomorrow.

Guide to running Popup studios

If you could create the perfect creative studio space what would it look like? Where would it be? And who would be there alongside you?

This guide explores the art and science of repurposing spaces for creative output. Over the past ten years the Studio D team has gained extensive experience at running international projects for multinational corporate, non-profit and socially driven organisations. We’ve built a comprehensive understanding what it takes to create an optimal space for gathering data, drawing insight, and applying the knowledge to guide strategy, and the design of new products and services.

Note: this booklet has been revised as a chapter in The Field Study Handbook.


Today's Office documents a year and a bit of fieldwork that is commissioned by commercial clients wanting to understand their current and future customers, on projects can last weeks or months.

At times the travel is solo, on rare occasions with family, but mostly when there is research to be done it requires a dedicated crew, setup a conducive live/work space, and run research sessions ranging from formal interviews to informal home visits, trying things out first hand, observations, or simply hanging out. 

Ghost Factory

What would it take to run a ghost factory, engaging hundreds of people in the manufacture of a large physical object, where no-one know's what they are making, until the moment of completion?

This booklet describes a Studio D experiment that took over six months and engaged hundreds of people from across China.

A proof of concept.

Perhaps also, a harbinger of the future.